Announcing MergeDeps

November 20, 2020
devops product announcement mergedeps

Today, I am announcing the initial launch of a new project, MergeDeps. In one line, MergeDeps allows a developer to specify a dependency for a Github Pull Request, and MergeDeps will ensure that the Pull Requests are merged in the correct order. These dependencies are specified directly in the Pull Request body, without any necessary changes to your code or workflow.

Whether you are a solo developer working on multiple branches, or a larger team needing to ensure dependencies across teams, MergeDeps is designed to easily and seamlessly address your coordination issues.

MergeDeps is free to use for public projects of any size. For private projects, we understand that many modern projects utilize microservices that span across multiple repositories. For this reason, MergeDeps pricing is based on the number of organization members that are actively creating Pull Requests (a ‘contributor’). MergeDeps is free to use for private repositories up to 5 contributors before needing to upgrade to a paid plan, however during our initial beta period MergeDeps will be free to use for teams of all sizes. If you insist on paying for MergeDeps, I would redirect you to make a donation to a charity of your choice instead.

For more information you can read through the documentation, or try it out by installing the application.